Top Advantages Of Silicone Rubber That Everyone Should Know

The unique molecular structure of silicon makes it one of the best materials that could be used in different projects. The silicone rubber (ยาง ซิ ลิ โคน, which is the term in Thai) comes in various forms such as liquid, solid, semi-viscous pastes, rubber, etc. The rubber one is one of the most common materials. Here the advantages of silicone rubber are given below:

Electric Conductivity

The electric silicone rubber comes with electric conductive materials such as carbon. It contains various electric resistances such as ohms-cm to e+3 ohms-cm. This way, it makes the products compatible to be used as keyboard contact points, as sealing material Or around heaters. The silicone rubber is available in the market with an electric sensitivity of around 1 to e+3 ohms-cm.


The silicones are easy to mold, and they can be applied over specific applications that come with unique applications. Apart from that, when used as a seal, it can obtain a more significant resistance property from water and temperature. Apart from that, the manufacturer can make it in any colour that also glows on the dark screen. Versatility is one of the most essential advantages of silicone rubber; that’s why engineers choose it for various innovative models.

Stabilization Abilities

The silicone rubber is generally maintained by FDA guidelines and compatible with different stabilisation methods. These stabilisation modes include steam autoclaving, ethylene oxide, gamma radiation, etc. This makes the product eligible for use in the medical industry. The silicone rubbers are a top sealing material for the dialysers, IV components, feeding services, etc.


Nowadays, a lot of kitchen utensils are made of silicone. The non-porous nature makes it a suitable sealant against bacterial buildup, which makes it the perfect choice for food and beverage applications. The silicone is generally non-toxic and recyclable for specific plants.

Heat Resistant

The silicone rubber is also heat resistant and comes with high power resistance. At the same time, some of its compounds can bear up to 305° temperature. Apart from that, the silicone can retain its structure and properties properly, even at the highest temperature. So, while flexibility is needed, the silicone rubber works wonders.


Like other materials, silicone rubber has its advantages and disadvantages. However, compared to other materials, silicone materials offer a great range of flexibility, and you can apply it to various projects.

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