Eyelid Surgical Methods Help Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eyelid Surgical Methods Help Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

We all have eyes of different shapes; one is more significant and smaller. Those who have smaller eyes try to make their eyes look more prominent with the help of heavy eye makeup, but there is a permanent solution that will help make the eyes look bigger through cosmetic surgery.

How Can It Be Done?

To open tail eyes (เปิด หาง ตา, which is the term in Thai), eyelid surgery is essential, which will help in making the eyes look bigger and bolder. Before proceeding further, an experienced medical practitioner must be consulted, whether your eyes can bear up all odds or if the surgery is possible.

Taking Measurements

To have big eyes, the surgeon needs to measure the length and width of the face so that he does not do anything wrong in measurements; otherwise, the patient can’t have beautiful eyes. While taking measurements, a few things need to be looked after, like measuring the space between two eyes. The cosmetologist has the equipment to take the correct height of every feature of the face, which will help him to analyze the size of the eyes, making them look bold and beautiful.

Who Can Do This Surgery?

This open-tail eye surgery can be done by those who have attained a certain age when the eyes have become droopy or dull. The one who has gathered eye bags and due to which he looks tired all the time. Sometimes, people look sleepy because of sunken eyes. So, all these issues can be resolved quickly by releasing a few fats from eye bags or by tightening the skin so the person will feel younger in the long run.

Things To Remember

After the surgery, the eyes will feel swollen, as slight dizziness is mandatory. The surgeons will guide you about the measures to take after the process. Pain will exist for a few days, but through proper painkillers, it will subside. For a few weeks, the doctor will restrict the eye exercises, which can result in uneasiness.


Many of us feel fear in the name of surgery, so in that case, proper makeup will help make your eyes look bigger. Eyes are sensitive, so the products used will be of the best quality to avoid irritation. Many home remedies will help in making your eyes look bigger. But if you are looking for a permanent solution, applying makeup regularly is unsuitable for your eyes, so it’s better to undergo proper surgery in the best clinic.

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